5 Coffee Shops to Visit in Hanoi's Old Quarter

5 Coffee Shops to Visit in Hanoi's Old Quarter

1. The Note Coffee

                                                  Egg Coffee, the note coffee, Hanoi Vietnam

                                                  Egg Coffee, the note coffee, Hanoi Vietnam

This coffee shop will always be one of the top in my mind. The Note is very easy to spot as you walk around Hoan Kiem Lake. You will see a bright, cheerful, and colorful shop with friendly face waving at you from across the street. My all time favorite is "Egg Coffee". The whipped yolk gives the coffee a full, creamy taste and a chocolaty-vanilla scent. You would not be able to imagine how it tastes until you try it! I promise you won't be able to tell that there is an egg in your mug. I guarantee you will have a smile painted on your face after one sip :) The shop has 3 floors to sit and chill, and is fully decorated with post-it notes from customers from floor to ceiling..How COOL!

One of the most outstanding aspects of The Note is their friendly staff. They will come and talk to you with a big smile. I keep coming back here again and again when I'm in Hanoi. 

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/WkhrbndkBG12

2. Haka Coffee

                                             Delicious foamy egg coffee of Haka Coffee shop

                                             Delicious foamy egg coffee of Haka Coffee shop

This is one of my favorite coffee shop around Hoan Kiem Lake. Haka Coffee is a place for coffee lovers. This coffee shop is located next to the Martyrs' Monument opposite Hoàn Kiếm Lake. I love the coffee here. The strength of the coffee is just right and it's not too sweet. I personally love the shop's atmosphere. The employees are friendly and can speak English well. We ordered 2 drinks. First, a traditional Vietnamese coffee with condense milk which was served in 3 layers: from the bottom to the top, condensed milk, coffee, and foam. Second, the famous Vietnamese Egg coffee! The mellow egg foam comes in such a thick layer that it can give you a fake beard! :D Again, you won't be able to tell there is an egg in your cup! The aroma of their coffee tells you that they use a very good quality coffee bean. The atmosphere in this coffee shop is what I like the most. It's peaceful and quiet, with plants and interior decorations that give it a cozy and comfortable feeling. They provide free wifi and outlets as well, so it's a great spot to work on your laptop and chill. We were lucky enough to come to this shop on Monday, when they offer 1 FREE homemade cookie for every coffee you order!

                         3 layers served of Vietnamese coffee with condense milk and cookies

                         3 layers served of Vietnamese coffee with condense milk and cookies

Location Haka Coffee

3. Kalina Cafe

Coffee with condense milk, Kalina Cafe

Kalina Cafe is located at the southwest corner of Hoan Kiem Lake. This cafe has a very cozy atmosphere. You can choose to sit inside or outside (and enjoy people-watching). They have  various types of coffee, including traditional egg coffee. Besides coffee, they also serve tea, dessert, breakfast, and more. They can speak English well and they have free wifi here. The shop can be very busy during weekends as Hanoians like to come out and chillax. 

If you are tired of coffee, try their flavored oolong iced teas! These come in flavors ranging from vanilla to apple pie!

Location https://goo.gl/maps/isLqPLVjGqG2  

4. J'Adore Cafe - Hanoi's Premium Coffee

J;Adore cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam. Cafe around Hoan Kiem Lake

We had walked past this shop many times, but the the first time we visited, we decided to get a cold coffee after being grilled from the heat. The shop is very close to the Tượng Đài Quyết Tử (Martyr's Monument). It is easy to notice; to me it looks a bit like a glass greenhouse. The shop has 2 floor, and you can choose in the a/c or outdoors on the second floor. We ordered iced Americano, and went chill on the second floor. I'm very impressed with the atmosphere there. It's like I was sitting in the garden under the tree's shade. You can see the hustle and bustle of the street of Hanoi, but surprisingly it was very peaceful up there. I enjoyed watching people crossing the road, the bikes and cars that will not give way to each other, and street vendor wearing traditional Vietnamese hats. Now let's talk about coffee. Their Americano is good; neither too strong nor too weak. I think the atmosphere helps improve the coffee's taste! I can't imagine a better spot to sit and cool off after a busy day walking around the Old Quarter.

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/Jsv1TX4tDSo

Inside J'Adore cafe. Loos like a little glass house.

5. Tiny Cafe

                                                  Vietnamese coffee with condense milk

                                                  Vietnamese coffee with condense milk

Tiny Cafe is a tiny cafe with a big quality. I tried their Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. They provide free wifi here so you can work and relax. Although there is no a/c, it's not hot at all.

FYI. They have 2 floors with a toilet on the top floor and balcony seats looking out over the city.

Tiny Cafe is located just next to the Military History Museum and the Imperial Citadel. It's really convenient to visit, rest your feet, and have a little caffeine after a long day walking around some of the city's most impressive sites.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/hPdZThmhSUJ2

Inside TIny cafe with a cozy atmosphere

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