Tiger Whisky - The $1 bottle of Laotian Whisky REVIEW

There's plenty of cheap alcohol in Southeast Asia; $1 bottles of Chang from Thailand, $0.50 Angkor Beers in Cambodia, and even $0.20 bia hoi in Vietnam.

None are quite as infamous though, than Vang Vieng's own Tiger Whisky, the 10,000 kip (about $1) bottle of 80-proof Lao whisky that fuels the wild and funky party town's crazy reputation.

tiger whisky laos

Here in Vang Vieng, this ubiquitous whisky fills up party buckets, but is it worth tasting neat? For the price, it's at least worth checking out.

The label looks... unofficial and a bit crudely-made. The whisky claims to be "smooth and mellon", which is good for a chuckle at least.

The whisky is a very fake-looking caramel color, and since there is absolutely no age statement, I can only imagine that the whisky has been colored artificially.

So is it really "smooth and mellon"? Well, there's hardly any flavor to speak of, actually. It's almost watery, which is weird. There's no smokiness, no peat, no cream, nothing that would set apart any moderately-good drink. It's just booze with a weird sweetness, probably from the caramel coloring.

Try it out for yourself, and let us know what you think.