Comic #30 - Sardines

Wherever you go in Thailand, you'll see these ubiquitous silver minivans. Serving as chartered vans, government or company vehicles, or a public buses, whether in Bangkok or out in the provinces, those silver vans are everywhere. They are faster than a bus, but not very comfortable. The seats are tiny and the drivers like to fill them with as many people as can possibly fit.

When we visited Krabi, a beautiful province in Thailand's south, we had to take the city shuttle from the airport in Krabi town to the quieter seaside resort town Ao Nang, about a 30 to 45-minute drive. We were so pleased to see a row of full-sized buses waiting just  outside the airport! Surely one of these would be our ride!


The big bus pulled away to reveal a tiny silver van previously hidden behind it. Thailand...