Review: Pink and Purple Beer???

This week we tried something new, weird, and kind of awesome: purple and pink beer!

purple lavender beer and pink sakura cherry blossom beer in Bangkok

We had heard about this for a while, and finally went to Kenshin Izakaya, a Japanese restaurant and bar on Sukumvit Road, to check it out.

The purple beer was lavender flavored, and it really was! Even without tasting it, the smell of lavender was really strong. You have to really like lavender if you want to try this beer, which I do, so it's ok! It is very, very purple.

The pink beer was supposed to be sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) flavored. It was sweet, but I guess I'm not so familiar with the sakura flavor. It was hard to identify the taste.

They also had other crazy beers too, like tomato beer or passion fruit beer. I guess we'll have to try those next time!