Collecting Stamps in a Thai National Park Passport

Maybe you've heard of the Passport to Your National Parks program from the US National Park Service, but did you know that Thailand's has its own version of the park passport program?

Thai national park passport program

Thailand has some really great national parks! From beautiful tropical islands like Koh Samet

to stunning jungle waterfalls like Erawan, the Thai national parks are all beautiful and worth visiting, and that's what the passport encourages people to do.

For just 100 baht (about $3), you can pick up a passport book at the headquarters of any of Thailand's 147 national parks. After that, any time you visit any national park, just go to the headquarters or visitor's center and get the park's unique stamp for FREE!

cover to the thai national park passport

Each park has a unique stamp that represents something special about the park. The stamp for Namtok Phlio in Chanthabri shows some of the famous monuments that you can find in the park, and the stamp for Erawan depicts the mythical three-headed elephant from which the park gets its name.

a thai national park passport stamp collected in the passbook

So get out and explore Thailand's national parks! My goal is to collect as many stamps this year as I can. I think it's a great way to encourage people to visit the parks and discover some of Thailand's most beautiful places.