BOOK Across a Golden Land

Hello, friends!

I'm very proud to announce my second book, Across a Golden Land: A Journey Through Burma

Once again, I open the pages of my ever-present travel journal to bring to life the story of one of my greatest adventures; my incredible journey across the mysterious, golden land of Burma.

I didn’t know much about Burma before my first visit. I knew it sat at the geographic and cultural crossroads between Thailand, India, and China. I knew it had been closed off to foreigners for about fifty years. For some reason I knew Burma was one of three remaining countries to still use Imperial measurements, and that it was one of only two countries where (until recently) Coca-Cola was not sold. Besides these trivial facts, I knew very little. When I learned it was possible to get a visa easily from the embassy in Bangkok, I knew I had to see for myself.

By train, boat, and horse cart, from the haunted colonial ruins of old Rangoon to the mysterious temples dotting the fields of Bagan, cross Burma on an adventure of mystery and discovery.

In his latest travelogue, Michael Desrosiers describes the fascinating and elusive Burma as one of the first wave of visitors to the country after half a century of virtual isolation.

With the backdrop of the country's first democratic elections looming just on the horizon, two travelers set out to see a country that is set to change rapidly. Enter the land of the unknown, the legendary "Golden Land".

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