REVIEW Starbucks Espresso Matcha Fusion - Starbucks Asia Menu

Starbucks has released a "new tea experience" with the recent launch of Teavana is Starbucks store locations throughout Asia.

One of the more intriguing new menu items is the "Espresso Matcha Fusion", which is supposed to be a sort of blend between east and west.

Starbucks teavana espresso matcha fusion special Asian menu review

So is the drink any good?

I think so! Especially if you like either tea or coffee. It's a bit of an unusual flavor, but the sweetness of the matcha tea cancels out the bitterness of the expresso for a really nice, smooth flavor.

Available in hot or iced (but iced is best, in my opinion, for a hot afternoon in Thailand!)

Available in Starbucks locations across Asia.

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