REVIEW: Mama Instant Cup Noodles Carbonara Cheese Flavor (Seasonal Menu)

I picked up something new at the convenience store the other day!

mama instant cup noodles carbonara cheese flavor

 It looks pretty tasty! Let's give it a try!

Mama is the most popular brand of Thai instant noodles. If you've been to Thailand, you might also know that spaghetti carbonara is weirdly popular here too. It only makes sense that eventually someone would come around to combining the two!

carbonara cheese instant noodles

Apparently this is a limited edition seasonal menu. For... winter, I guess? Is spaghetti carbonara a winter food? Maybe...

top-down view of instant noodles

So, does it taste like spaghetti carbonara? Well... not really. But it is cheesy and creamy and different from the usual selection of seafood/tom yum/spicy pork instant noodles usually available in Thailand. It's not bad at all, actually kind of good, if only for a change. I would definitely have it again.

a cup of carbonara instant noodles flavor

Mama Instant Cup Noodles Carbonara Cheese Flavor (Seasonal Menu) is available for a limited time at select 7-11 convenience stores in Thailand for 15 baht.

Try one today and let us know what you think!

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