BOOK The Long Road From Pub Street: A Cambodia Travelogue

Hey everyone!

I wrote an e-book!

Wherever I travel, I always carry around a small, battered, leather-bound notebook, in which I record all of my thoughts, experiences, and feelings about my adventures.

After returning from an amazing nine-day long adventure across the whole of Cambodia, I had a nagging feeling that I should start to share my thoughts. I couldn't shake the feeling, and began to feel inspired to transcribe and clean up my stories a little bit; to share my travels with anyone who was interested. 

If you are interested in travel to Cambodia, or if you enjoy travel essays, you can read all about our recent adventure in my new book, The Long Road From Pub Street: A Cambodia Travelogue! Learn from our mistakes, and come along on a journey to the "Kingdom of Wonder".

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In his debut travelogue, Michael Desrosiers tells the story of a journey overland across the Kingdom of Cambodia, a small, rural, and often-overlooked corner of Southeast Asia.
The journey is unforgettable, but not always pleasant. Along the way he and his incredibly patient girlfriend contend with wild monkeys, a raging Typhoon, baguettes, jellyfish, and the horrible "twerking bug".
Part old-school travelogue, part portrait of a foreigner's view of a country, "The Long Road From Pub Street" is at times lighthearted and at other times introspective. Desrosiers never takes himself too seriously as a writer or a traveler, but seeks to discover the country around him with an open mind.
Discover the mysteries, magic, tragedy, and beauty of the "Kingdom of Wonder".

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