Comic #20 - Food of the Future

Comic #20 - 25 January 2016

It's true... insects may well be the "food of the future"!

 My friend James visited me in Thailand. We made a few videos where we try a bunch of different Thai snacks, and we wanted to do one really big unforgettable one!

I bought several snacks from my 7-11 convenience store next door. Excited, we opened the bag of cocoons... but when we saw them, we just couldn't do it. They were a lot bigger than I expected...

The packaging and Pinky's drawing makes the cocoons look cute. Believe me, they didn't look so cute in real life!

But, we have made a deal that next time we have to try them. I'm going to bring a few bags of bugs back to the US with me in a few months. Stay tuned for an upcoming beer and bugs video...

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