Comic #19 - Christmas!

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Comic #19 - 21 December 2016

Christmas has come to Bangkok!

I bought a tiny little Christmas tree to put up in my studio apartment during my first Christmas in Bangkok. It wasn't much, but it was something. I just felt like it couldn't be Christmas without a few decorations up.

Well, I'm not a single college guy anymore. I've got to be a bit more "domestic" these days! Pinky helped me decorate my tree with "ornaments": touristy key chains! They are mostly Thai; elephants, khon masks, and the like.

But the most special ornament of all is our Christmas Angel tree topper! Pinky thought our tree was missing one thing. She brought back a gargoyle key chain from a visit to Notre Dame in Paris. It makes the tree complete!

Oh, and the first frame of the comic is the tree at Central World Mall in downtown Bangkok. I was surprised my first year at how many decorations go up at Christmas time here in Thailand!

Merry Christmas from us in Bangkok to you wherever you are! We hope this holiday season brings you peace, joy, and love!