Comic # 18 - Thai Spicy

Comic #18 - 14 December 2016

You'd think after four years in Thailand I would have learned my lesson by now...

 Thai food can be spicy. You know that. Everyone knows that. I should know that by now too.

But it just smells so good. How can I resist the tropical aroma of garlic, onion, chili, shrimp, lime... It's too good!

Yeah, I grew up with Tex-Mex, but "Thai Spicy" is something entirely different.

I love Thai food! But I'm not so good when it's too spicy that it burns my mouth and overpowers the other flavors. One of the very first phrases I learned to say in Thai was "mai phet krap"... not spicy please. It's really useful for me! I'm a typical "farang"(foreigner), I guess!