Comic #17 - The Night Train

Comic #17 - 7 December 2016

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We usually love night trains! We arrived at Yangon Station excited to see what what our first-class compartment would look like, and looking forward to a good night's sleep after a rough day of traveling.

Luxury, it was not.

I will take the night trains up and down Thailand, and find them really comfortable, but was not prepared for a Burmese train. To be fair, the country has only just begun to be opened up to foreign visitors and the infrastructure is still a bit lacking. The trains still run on the 60 year-old rails left by the British Empire, and the ride is BUMPY! All night long, as we tried to sleep on the hard mattresses of our first-class beds, every jolt sent us literally an inch up off the bed.

All I could do was wrap up in my yellow plastic rain poncho (the window was stuck open and it was raining) and try to sleep. And dream of bouncing into Mandalay.

Burma is great though! I just recommend flying or taking the river boat instead!

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