Comic #15 - Thanksgiving

Comic #15 - Thanksgiving - 23 November 2016

Yes, it's the holiday season! Just a week after Loy Krathong comes Thanksgiving, one of my very favorite holidays! One year, my Thai students gave me a very special Thanksgiving that I will never forget.

I always get a little homesick during the holidays, starting with Halloween (which was always really big in my family), and going through New Year. After that, it's not long until I'm back home visiting my family for the term break, but I do miss Texas and my family a lot during the holiday season.

Of course, Thanksgiving is an American holiday, so we don't get time off of work here in Thailand. During my first year teaching, I has a lesson about Thanksgiving, and I must have mentioned to my students how much I was going to miss the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Then, on Thanksgiving morning, a group of 10th grade students came to the English office to surprise their three American teachers with our very own feast!

It was like something out of Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. You know, from the old holiday special where Snoopy serve's a feast of toast, jelly beans, and popcorn? Our students brought us potato chips, pizza, cookies, candy, and all sorts of other snacks.

One girl brought us a big bucket of KFC. "It's the closest thing I could find to turkey", she told us. 

That's the thing, though. Thanksgiving isn't about the turkey (although I do miss pecan pie the most of all), but instead about remembering the things for which you are thankful.

I am so thankful for my kind students who went out of their way to make this holiday special for their American teachers. It was as unconventional a Thanksgiving feast as anyone could imagine, but it warmed my heart and became one of my most cherished memories of my time in Thailand.

Happy Thanksgiving!