Drinking Rare Local Sake at Himeji Castle, Japan


Sake! (in a box!?)

We went all the way to Himeji, Japan, but found that the castle was too crowded to visit. The trip wasn't in vain, however. I got a special sake box and a taste of local sake to remember the day by!

It turns out that traditionally, Japanese sake is served in small, lacquered, wooden boxes called "masu". Serving sake in a box was a sign of wealth, prosperity, and generosity on the part of the host or restaurant.

Sometimes in Japan, if you order a small cup of sake, it will arrive at your table placed inside the wooden box. If the server is feeling generous, they will overfill the cup, filling up the box as well, essentially giving you a little extra. How about that excellent Japanese hospitality?

 "masu" - traditional Japanese sake boxes

"masu" - traditional Japanese sake boxes