Comic # 9 - T-Rex

Comic #9 - T-Rex - 12 October 2016

Learning a different language is hard.

You think that living in Bangkok, I'd be nearly fluent in Thai just by immersion, but it's a lot harder than just that. Yes, I can speak a little bit. I have learned the alphabet. But I still find the proper intonation really difficult, and I can only really get by with simple conversations.

ที่รัก is pronounced "teerak" in Thai. It means "darling" or "the one I love", or something like that. Anyway, the first time I heard the phrase, I thought she called me a "T-Rex". I was pretty confused at first.

Oh, and by the way, the number 5 in Thai is pronounced "ha", so in Thai texting lingo, 555 is "hahaha". Just an extra cultural tidbit for ya!