Comic #7 - Cremia

©PINKY S. 2016

Cremia - Comic # 7 - 28 September 2016

We were in Osaka. We wanted to visit Osaka Castle early, so we arrived to get tickets before it opened. While we were looking for somewhere to eat breakfast, Pinky saw something that caught her eye...

That girl cannot pass up the chance to have an ice cream... even at 8 in the morning!

And this ice cream was special: it was our first CREMIA!

Cremia is a special kind of soft-serve known as "softcream", popular in Japan. It's made from a richer, higher-fat cream rather than with milk, giving it a smoother, richer, and creamier texture. Cremia is usually served in a sugar cookie cone. It's kind of a "premium" brand, so it's a bit more expensive than regular ice cream - about 500 yen.

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