Comic #4 - Pokestop


PokeStop - Comic #4 - 31 August 2016

Pokemon Go has finally come to Thailand. It's a little later than the rest of the world, but it's here, and it's BIG!

All the students at school have been glued to their smartphones, and the school shrine, usually only visited before a big test or when the students need a little extra luck, has been very popular lately; it's our local PokeStop!

It's given me something to talk with the students about too. I can tell them how I got Pokemon Blue for my Gameboy Color at Christmas 1997. The students think it's really retro and cool. That also makes me realize though, that they think I'm old... Sometimes I feel it too, when I realize that most of my students were born in the 21st century!

Yes, Pokemon is popular again. I've been really excited to show off the new LINE stickers I got. I get too excited about these things.