Comic #1 - Cheesecake


Cheesecake - Comic #1 - 10 August 2016

We had just arrived in Kyoto (one of my all-time favorite cities) on the train from Osaka when Pinky spotted a Pablo booth at the station. Pinky usually knows which desserts are "in" at any given time, and this time, it was Pablo!

Japanese cheesecakes are a bit different from what you might be used to. They tend to be lighter, cheesier, and somewhat less sweet. They aren't too rich or too creamy, and seem to be quite balanced. 

My guess about what makes the Japanese desserts so special and popular is their instagramability! The Japanese bakeries and dessert shops go above and beyond to make their treats look beautiful and "cute". That says something about the Japanese culture's drive to achieve perfection in their work, don't you think?

Somehow we were able to eat the entire cheesecake ourselves, but there certainly was no room for dinner that night! 

The brand we ate was a Pablo Cheese Tart. Visit their website at

 to see photos and more.